Composite Decks Brisbane

Composite Decking

Composite timber refers to being made from more than one material, creating a new material out of characteristics that didn’t originally exist. Composite timber is generally a combination of wood fibres (sawdust), plastic and different binding agents. What this does is creates a stronger, denser and more durable material than regular timber options.


Composite decking is generally a maintenance free option that is ideal for harsher environments (Brisbane summer) that are exposed to the sun 100% of the time, such as poolside or exposed outdoor areas. Composite decks are less likely to crack, split and are engineered to be resistant to fading or general sun damage.

Low Maintenance Decking

With a wood like finish, composite decks look and feel like a traditional timber deck and tend to uphold their condition for a lot longer, providing a positive long-term investment.


The advantage of a deck over many other forms of outdoor areas is that they are adaptable to any situation. Sloping blocks and uneven surfaces, bush fire prone areas, any challenge can be overcome. Urban Patios & Decks can provide you with the entire package including; roof, deck handrails and stairs.